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Its Tuesday

March 13th, 2018 at 07:05 am

I went home after work yesterday and made dinner. I'm so glad to have leftovers for lunch today. I spent $1.18 of some cash I had to buy 2 bagels. One for breakfast today and one for tomorrow. I wanted a Starbucks coffee so bad today, but instead I am drinking free coffee at work. Not the same but the end effect will be. Smile

I picked up an odd job for the next 2 Fridays. It will pay $50 each day. Maybe I could split it between my bank account and my ticket. Unfortunately since I have already accepted probation, I cannot do community service or a payment plan. Apparently I had to request that before they finalized my request. Frown Its the biggest waste of money. I'm never speeding again. But maybe since I will get $50 on 03/23 I could use a portion towards the ticket...if I can float it 2 days? I also should get a paycheck from my second job. It doesn't pay a lot... $8.50 an hour and minimal tips, but I am using this to go towards the $500 payment. I come up with half and my DH comes up with half. So we share the burden.

The other thing I was going to share is that 2 of my bills are credit card payments that I agreed to as part of a plan to catch up. I was getting behind so I agreed to pay $106 to one credit card per month and $112 to another. This is my 3rd and final month and they will go back to the minimum. And I am so anxious for that bad loan to go away. That is $244 I will have back a month!!!!

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