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A Come Up!

July 3rd, 2018 at 01:00 pm

You guys! I just has a $400 come up! There was a difference on my car repair (from the accident) and since the payment was made to me and the body shop couldn't do an adjustment, it is due to me. And yes, it is verified. So I am in $400 better shape than I was. Yes, I am still in a hole, but wow. What a blessing.

And my baby black dog is doing good. He is better everyday.

Maybe I'm turning a corner?

Moving forward

July 2nd, 2018 at 07:39 am

After the loss of 1 dog and the recovery of the other, I am spent. I tried to take some time over the weekend to heal emotionally. He was just very special to me. And my other dog is doing well. He should make a full recovery. I have 2 other dogs. One is having a hard time with the loss of his "brother." That also makes it hard on me. Trying to heal a dog's broken heart. Frown

The Uber Frugal month has started. On Sunday I wanted pizza again. But we did not go. I did not spend any money on Saturday or Sunday. I have my lunch for the next 2 days and I have dinner planned. I was going to buy a can of refried beans this morning, but I realized I had a can of pinto beans that I can mash up and use. I know the beans are only $0.79, but why spend it if I don't have to? Wednesday we are going to my sister's for the 4th of July. That will cover our lunch and maybe even dinner. I am bringing a cake, which I have all the stuff to make.

I am just trying to move forward. Trying to stay on the goal of doing the Uber Frugal month. And trying to dig out of the hole.