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Moving forward

July 2nd, 2018 at 07:39 am

After the loss of 1 dog and the recovery of the other, I am spent. I tried to take some time over the weekend to heal emotionally. He was just very special to me. And my other dog is doing well. He should make a full recovery. I have 2 other dogs. One is having a hard time with the loss of his "brother." That also makes it hard on me. Trying to heal a dog's broken heart. Frown

The Uber Frugal month has started. On Sunday I wanted pizza again. But we did not go. I did not spend any money on Saturday or Sunday. I have my lunch for the next 2 days and I have dinner planned. I was going to buy a can of refried beans this morning, but I realized I had a can of pinto beans that I can mash up and use. I know the beans are only $0.79, but why spend it if I don't have to? Wednesday we are going to my sister's for the 4th of July. That will cover our lunch and maybe even dinner. I am bringing a cake, which I have all the stuff to make.

I am just trying to move forward. Trying to stay on the goal of doing the Uber Frugal month. And trying to dig out of the hole.

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