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March 22nd, 2018 at 11:39 am

I have an extra $5 from tips last night. I did more food prep than waiting on customers. But I worked 3.5 hours so that will be $29.75. That goes towards the loan pmt.

I am still pondering ways to collect extra money. Hopefully I can use my time at home this weekend to come up with some ideas. I have taken some orders to sell 5 Carrot Cakes for Easter Weekend. That will be $125 - supplies.

I have to say, I feel a little envious while I read everyone's posts. I have almost forgotten what it was like to have money for a car repair or have $10K in savings. But I'm going to fix this. I know I can.

7 Responses to “Envious”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    We are all in different places. I would say that many of us (not all) arrived here in debt. Many of us know what it is like to be slave to the lender. Mmm....carrot cake sounds really good! That's great you have a good product to sell. Would there be an option to sell cakes of other kinds on a regular basis as a side hustle to get some income coming in?

  2. Rose. Says:

    It is. Its something I was doing more of before I started my full time job. Now, with my part time job its even harder, but I'm going to try to do stuff on the weekends.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    When I started here, I was living paycheck to paycheck, often scrambling to pay a bill just like you are. But I've gradually worked myself into a better place. Keep at it. Your mindfulness and attitude will make all the difference.

  4. Rachael777 Says:

    I know you can too. Back in 2009-2010 my card sometimes would not go through for a donut at Dunkin Donuts and I got my water cut off a few times. How embarassing!! You are doing great. Keep it coming. Smile

  5. scottish girl Says:

    You can do this.

  6. ceejay74 Says:

    My finances were bleak when I first came here. I'd finally learned how to live within our means, but had mountains of debt to contend with and virtually no retirement savings (and ZERO saved for emergencies).

    Your family has about a third of the debt mine did when I started! We had about $70K in credit card/personal loan debt alone! (Actually, now I'm back up to having over $400K debt again, but it's mortgages for two homes vs. a ton of it being credit card and student loan debt, so there's equity and rental income to balance it and I feel better about it.)

    Long story short, I remember being amazed that people had savings and no debt when I first got on here. But I did it and you can do it too!

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Do not judge your life by others. You'll get there. Don't give up. Just keep trying and plugging along and we will rejoice with your success!

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