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March 27th, 2018 at 01:15 pm

I don't know what to title this entry. I am really trying, but I can't seem to get ahead. I tried searching on Decluttr. With all of my books they only offered me around $5. Not sure if its worth it. Maybe I can get more for cookbooks? I am going to try to go through my old purses and see if I have any hidden change. I work 2 days this week so maybe I will get some tips? I do have the cakes that I will sell on Saturday. After supplies I will make about $80. But I feel like I am in a hole. I have to get my account in the black. I don't have any clothes worth selling. We don't have any big ticket items to sell. I have a few things on Letgo, but no responses. I'm working about 50-54 hours a week so I can't add any additional jobs. Ugh. No OT at my job. Anyone have additional ideas? Still not well enough for plasma and no family to borrow from.

I hate to sound so Debbie Downer. I really am looking for ways I could boost my income or make money quickly.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    How much income does your household make, not assuming overtime? I'm having a hard time understanding your full situation honestly. Overall, it sounds like not enough income and too much debt. The best idea is to raise the income to get out from under the debt.

    Your sidebar says you want to get back on track...what does that mean to you?

    Have you looked closely at your variable bills such as groceries, fuel, household expenses, and personal care to see if there are ways to lower those expenses? Sometimes we don't think critically about our own habits for spending. Debt is an emergency! You have to be willing to give up some things, or work for more pay to make progress. I'm not trying to defeat you further, only to prompt you to really examine EVERY expense. Sometimes we have found people have large expenses for soda, convenience meals, manicures or hair, or they are not willing to let go of large monthly expenses in the short term to make a difference in the long term.

    We do want you to make progress! Are you a follower of Dave Ramsey? His first step is to make sure are able to cover your four walls, which consist of food, shelter (and utilities...water, gas, electric only), transportation and clothing. Are you able to meet these obligations each month?

    Do you have an emergency fund? His first baby step is to save $1000 AS FAST as possible. Emergency funds are the basis for any financial stability. It keeps you from getting further into debt. If I had to get $1,000 in a short time, I would sell our extra fridge, an extra twin bed, a couch, an extra tv (or 2), and possibly some other miscellaneous items. My guess this would get me a little more than halfway to my goal of $1,000. I would cut cable, Netflix, our home phone (Ooma), trash service (because there is a drop off two miles away), and I would stop our girls allowance in addition to make all meals from scratch and buying even less during that month. I think I have a blog post where I talk about another scenario where I would come up with $1000 in more detail.

    You might see if you can check out some frugal sites, such as Money Saving Mom and Frugalwoods. Check out Living on a Dime as well, website and YouTube channel. The idea is to really lower your expenses and these sites have really good ideas!

  2. Smallsteps Says:

    Not sure how long you have been at it but when I started focusing on my journey, I have months were I felt like I was moving along then there are days that I feel like it will never be gone no matter how hard I try. I just have to work through it each time.

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    I think I mentioned this earlier: have you looked at your auto and homeowner's policies? There are usually ways to cut there, like dropping collision on an older car, taking a safe driver course, making sure existing features like anti-lock brakes and any security system is reflected on the policy since they save you $ too.

    This won't put money in your pocket today, if that's what you need, but certainly worth your time looking forward.

    Also, just looking at your expenses, why do you need Netflix if you also have satellite TV? Can you do with just one or the other?

  4. Rose. Says:

    I am able to cover our house, car, gas, utilities. But I really have 0 for debt. That is the problem. I have $3056 to cover our expenses each month. I have too much debt.

    A family member is now paying for our Netflix so that is 10.81 we do not have to pay.

    We are in a contract with our Satellite so we cannot afford to cancel because they will take out the cancellation from our bank account and I am already going to be in the red. But I did get it reduced and I think it will be $90 or less.

    My husband and I both got new phones last year, so we are on a payment plan. It is figured into our phone bill. So until we pay those off, we cannot switch. But I did convince them to give us a loyalty discount with is about $10 and I should save 10% with my employer discount. I should see that next month.

    We just changed insurance companies. I am saving $400/ year on our homeowners and our car insurance dropped $60. We have to have full coverage on both vehicles.

    I do not have an emergency fund. I think I may have $20 in our savings account right now.

    I will try to look harder this weekend and see what we can cut.

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    You aren't hiding this debt from your spouse, correct? This is household income, net or gross? I know you are in the country but I wonder if you can look for jobs that pay better. I would also look into online options for income, someone who takes customer service calls for example. Your household income will have to go up, because at this rate, it sounds like you barely have enough extra to pay for food let alone pay minimum payments on the credit cards. This is not an easy fix you are in and I do feel for you. You do need to make some hard decisions if you want to get out from under this. And it will only get worse with inaction. Interest compounds and debts go to collections over inaction.

    I don't think you are eligible but look to see if you are food stamp eligible or eligible for other services. Look for nearby food pantries that assist anyone regardless of income. The less you pay for these things, the more you can apply to your living situation.

    I would also suggest posting on the forums side. It can be a little scary over there, but you might get more eyes looking at your situation to figure out what your options are.

    Is the $500 loan payment for the car? I'd honestly sell the car. You cannot afford it. You are living beyond your means. If you have two vehicles start sharing or borrow a car from family/friend/neighbor for a short time until you have cash for a beater car

    Can you rent out a room in your home? Do you have other equipment that could be rented...you said country so I think farms even though I know those two are not one in the same? Could you move in with another family member and rent or sell your home? I'm really thinking about options for desperate situations.

  6. Rose. Says:

    The $500 loan payment is for a personal loan we took. I do not count my 2nd job income into my total, because that income goes to that payment. I come up with half and my husband comes up with half. I may be able to add an additional day with would add $25+ a week that could go towards household bills and debt.

    We are not eligible for food stamps. We make too much and we are not to that point.

    In June, I will be done with my Bad Loan and I will have $244 to apply towards other things. So that will help.

    And hopefully, I can continue the baking and use that towards debt.

  7. Jane Says:

    Is your husband able to do any extra hours?

  8. Butterscotch Says:

    How long are you in that satalite tv contact for? If it is more than a couple more months then I would eat the fee and just deal with the negative balance for 30 days. It doesn’t make sense to pay $800-$1200 to honor a contract for the next however many months just to save $190. How many TVs do you have in your house? If there is one in the living room and one in the bedroom I would sell one of them or both, to try and cover that cancelation fee.

    You mention that you have lots of animals. Are any of these livestock that you can sell? Cows? Goats? Horses? Do you have any tack or equipment that you can sell?

    Does your daughter have any toys you can sell for $5-$10 on Facebook? Or clothes she has outgrown?

    Any chance you can approach either or your bosses and just explain that you really need to make more money and ask if there is anything else you can do? More responsibilities you can take on?

  9. Mel Says:

    Echoing what Jane asked — what about your husband? Can he pick up extra hours or a PT job? Why is it all on you?

  10. rob62521 Says:

    To go along with all these others posts, are there other areas you can cut? Even little things like groceries -- buying things on sale, eating what you already have. I'm not talking about your baking supplies, but your overall grocery spending. Doing a budget plan like Dave Ramsey or even reading Suze Orman can help. Turning off lights, cheaper meals, doing without things...all these things can add up. You didn't get in debt overnight and you won't get out of debt overnight either. Keep trying. Please don't give up!

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