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April 16th, 2018 at 07:11 am

I am a soda drinker. Not the best habit. But I am spending $1.08 on a soda almost every morning. $1.08 doesn't seem bad until you figure it multiplied by 24 days on average. That is $25.92 a month. That's some gas, or some groceries, or almost my vision insurance premium! So I think it will be a lot better for my body and my bank accounts if I can do something about this. I know I can't go cold turkey, so I bought 8 little bottles for $3.33. So that makes them 0.42 each. So I have already saved $5.28. I can drink free water and coffee at work. And we have water and I can make tea at home. Hopefully I can slow the sodas down and keep the money.

I also am spending money on breakfast and/or lunch. I know I don't have the money, but I do it anyway. Frown So I am really trying this week. I know this is why I am not making progress! But I packed my lunch today and I have my meal plans for dinner. I also have 3 English Muffins that I can have for breakfast with some peanut butter this week. I think this will be better for my body also.

I am really trying to look at every dollar we are spending. When you really look at it, it can be really shocking. The change is hard, but I'm trying.

10 Responses to “Sodas!”

  1. Trying to get ahead Says:

    It is hard Rose, but that is what makes success sweet. You got this!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Ah, you aren't the first one here to post about eating many meals out. They are convenient, but unhealthy and expensive! You have a great start simply identifying the issue and making a different plan. Cheering for you!!

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Establishing new habits takes some time, and it will feel a little uncomfortable at first. But once your new habits take hold, they will be as strong as the old ones were.

  4. crazyliblady Says:

    I know I am going to spend some money on snacks, so I just build it into the spending plan. When I am at the grocery store, I get $20 cash back that I spend on things like a snack, iced tea, etc. I find that the pain of letting go of that money makes me spend a lot less of it and I have some leftover before payday to put towards the car fund or credit card. I also take some of my favorite tea bags to work and use the filtered water machine to make my own tea, so there is no excuse to buy a cup of hot tea when I have the option to make my own favorite tea.

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    Breakfasts are a lot easier if you prepare some grab and go foods on the weekends. Make up a batch of breakfast burritos or egg muffin sandwiches with either sausage, bacon, or Canadian bacon on them. Then wrap them individually, stick them in a Ziploc and freeze them. Then each morning throw one in the microwave and warm it up. You can also do up pancakes, waffles, or French toast ahead of time, but if you do those, freeze them on a cookie sheet so they don't stick together and then put in a Ziploc bag. If breakfast is easy enough for you, you won't be so tempted to grab something on the way to work.

    Make up a nice lunch the night before so all you have to do is take it out of the fridge in the morning. You can even do three to five lunches at a time on Sunday and just freeze a couple so they don't go bad, and then grab and go. There are all kinds of meal prep videos with yummy ingredients on youtube. One of my particular favorites is FlavCity with Bobby Parrish. He does meal prepping for lots of different diets and then just for healthy eating. He's big into cooking with herbs and spices, so you get a lot of flavor without a ton of fat. I've been happy with everything I've made from his videos:
    Text is https://www.youtube.com/user/flavcity/videos and Link is

  6. Jenn Says:

    I hope you have an experience like mine with soda. It was tough only at first. Surprisingly, I'm not the least bit tempted by diet dr peppers (my former fave) now.

    I bought the little plastic squirt containers of lemon and lime juice to give water some taste. Now I think of sodas as a waste - links to cancer & diseases, devoid of any nutrition, and costly over time. Why pay to hurt myself?

  7. PatientSaver Says:

    To help you give up a really bad habit, here's an article on the many reasons soda is bad for you:

    I used to be totally hooked on Diet Coke. I only allowed myself 1 can a day, but I still had to have that 1 can or I really missed it. I'm not sure if buying soda in liter bottles is really going to help wean yourself off it. What motivates me (in addition to saving $) is knowing I am doing a good thing for my body, of thinking of my body as a separate, living entity I need to care for if it's to last a lifetime, and thinking of how appreciative it will be when I'm not pouring that crap down my throat. A bit strange, I know, but it works for me.

  8. crazyliblady Says:

    PatientSaver. I think wondering was saying she bought 8 LITTLE bottles of soda, maybe like the 12 ounce size? Not sure.

  9. Rose. Says:

    I did get 8 - 12 oz bottles. It was cheaper than buying a 12 pk and that way I only had 8 instead of 12. Smile

  10. rob62521 Says:

    I gave up sodas a number of years ago not because of the expense, but because of the health benefit of not drinking them. I drink coffee, tea both hot and iced, and water. A few years ago I was in the hospital with DH who was having tests and was there for hours and the vending machine only had soda. I will not drinking from a drinking fountain so my choice was be thirsty or buy a can of soda. I bought the can and bet I didn't drink half of it because it was so sweet -- I no longer crave it. You can do it and it will benefit your wallet as well as your health!

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