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Budget Issues and Me

June 6th, 2018 at 06:57 am

So, it has been almost 3 months since I started here. My numbers haven't changed much. And although I am definitely in a rough place financially, I have realized that "I" am a major piece of the problem. Basically, I have 3 problems.
1) Myself and my unwillingness to make changes
2) My budget
3) Not enough money

1) I am struggling to accept that I need to make some changes. I cannot seem to completely get on board. My mindset has changed. I have the desire to change. But I am not doing the work or the follow-through.

2) My budget. The problem is that I don't have everything budgeted for, but I still buy those things because they are necessary or because I "choose" to. Gas, groceries, and dog food. Those are all necessities. And I just try to come up with money to pay for them. But sometimes I don't and that is why my numbers are not improving.

3) I just don't have enough money. I have to push to have extra coming in. That is the only way out of the hole.

My mind knows what to do. I am staring at the computer screen while I type this thinking "Yes! Get your sh*t together. You know what to do!" But I find myself stuck. What is the major malfunction here.

And I do have a side job that I am guaranteed $50/week. I use that towards the $500 Loan payment and it doesn't go into the bank account at all. But then I think I should work during the week somewhere else. But after a 10 hour day, I am just so tired. I don't know if I can do it. Combined with a household and family, its just a lot.

Anyway....these are today's thoughts.

10 Responses to “Budget Issues and Me”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I don't think you can work more when you're already putting in 10-hour days. You will pay for it in your health.

    You are in a hard place, where you won't see progress very fast. But you can still make progress. I believe changing your spending habits is more powerful than increasing your income. Get excited about hacking down that debt! Even if it's slow, it's better than standing still.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    But you also had some unusual curveballs that likely won't repeat. The fact your numbers didn't get significantly worse as a result IS progress, even if it doesn't feel like that!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Change can be hard. On some level you have to want 'the new' more than 'the old' way of doing things. I'm cheering for you. Don't give up!

  4. starfishy Says:

    you're doing great on your journey - keep it up! i'm curious what the changes are that you need to make?

  5. Smallsteps Says:

    Do not beat yourself up change is hard. I agree with CB trying if you are already putting in 10 hour days. Your health or even relationships are not worth the extra income.
    Changing spending is hard maybe you should rework your budget put in the items you might have missed or if you feel the budget is solid you will need to stick to it. Your item you listed as bad loan is almost done you will feel a lot better once that is over and you can eliminate something else. There will be moments now and in the future of digging out of debt that things seem like a standstill but it does pass.

  6. crazyliblady Says:

    You need to want to be financially free more than you want stuff. Maybe rework your groceries by buying different kind of food. For example, if you buy a lot of processed food, which is often more expensive, look at what kind of food you could prepare at home. Generally, the less processed food is, the cheaper it is.

    Something that helped me a lot was making a copy of the budget that I can carry around with me at all times and look at it in order to figure out if I can afford to buy something. I put mine on a 4x6 index card, but you could do it on a phone. After I pay a bill or buy groceries or whatever, I update the amount or draw a line through it showing the amount I budgeted is used up.

  7. tripods68 Says:

    I have been there than that. I really understand your pain points. We went through this struggles over a decade ago. It takes mental effort and intently to see the results you want. I think what helps is using a "cash envelope" system. In other words, rather than pay the bills online or using pay groceries using a debit card, we used to pay cash only for groceries, gas, and pet food. Obviously, there are online pay method that is better like mortgage, and or utility bills. We put our spending in our spreadsheet/gather our regular monthly spending bills for the last 3 months, use that $ figure for the following month. We took out the cash as spending. It took about 3-4 months to get at this.

    Good Luck!

  8. tripods68 Says:


  9. Shiela Says:

    You will get there. Your 3 months progress may not seem much right now but in a year's time you will be amazed at it. You just need to keep finding ways to keep you getting motivated. I used to count the days we didn't spend (No Spend Day - NSD) in a month, that used to put a smile on my face I get to type NSD on my spreadsheet.

  10. Jenn Says:

    Maybe now is a good time to scrutinize the monthly expenses. You might find that some wants that you weren't willing to give up are less appealing to you now.

    Read debt-free stories of others. It can be inspiring to see how small actions are more powerful than big dreams.

    We're rooting for you!

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